Solar energy is environmentally friendly, free and inexhaustible. So that you can make the best possible use of this energy to generate heat and electricity, we implement high-performance solar and photovoltaic systems for you. We have been committed to solar energy and clean solar power for 20 years. We are convinced that together we can take an important step on the way to a new energy age – with electricity from the sun’s rays for reliable and environmentally friendly use. Photovoltaic systems , storage systems and/or e-charging stations – we will find the energy system solution for you that exactly suits you and your specific needs and wishes.

photovoltaic systems

The good energy: Sustainable, economical and reliable. With clean solar power for economical and reliable use from our high-performance PV systems, we are driving the energy transition together.

storage systems

Maximize your self-consumption rate: With a power storage system, you can also use the energy you generate during the day in the evening and at night. Simple, practical and cheap.

e-charging station

Mobile with clean energy: Charge your e-car, motorcycle or bicycle with solar power from your own photovoltaic system. Simply connect to the e-charging station and fill up with solar energy, which can also be fed with electricity from the grid if required.